meet heather

My job is literally to explore San Diego and find the best adventures, restaurants, hot spots & everything in between (rough, eh?). Being on a morning show in America's Finest City is a dream come true, and now I want to share all of my secrets with you. I've been on air for 10 years in San Diego as a lifestyle reporter and producer. From flying with the Blue Angels, to bottle feeding baby cheetahs at the world famous San Diego zoo, there's not much I *haven't seen in this city. I'm a girl who loves to explore, but also loves to find my favorite "cozy" spots where being a "regular" is totally your MO. I'm keeping my busy day job and staying on top of the best in San Diego, but now I'm making sure this hub is a place where I can share all the details with you. I get up early, stay up too late, and have to be on TV before 6am. Now that I'm a momma of 2, I want to take you behind the scenes to show you how the magic happens. We all want to "do it all" and "be it all", and that's why I started That Girl on the Go....for all the gals & guys who want to work, play & explore non-stop.