Iron Mountain Hike

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Happy Hikers

ps. don't forget snacks & water

One of the easiest mountains to drive to, park and start moving your feet in San Diego. This is considered an intermediate hike, with great views from the top. At the end of Poway road and the 67, there’s a parking lot and a picturesque entrance to start your adventure. Follow the trail to your favorite peak, snap a few shots and head back down for lunch and a cold one. The trail is approx. 6 miles, roundtrip and for the advanced hiker/runner, you may even be able to get a little jog going. Comparing this to another one of my favorite hikes, Mt. Woodson, I would say this is less steep and an easier elevation to really get moving (for trail runners who want to pick up the pace).

Tips for the family:

If you’re looking at bringing a pack or child carrier with a baby/toddler make sure to use something that has enough back support. We use one similar to the Deuter Kid Comfort, but ours is a hand-me-down from the neighbor. My advice: search craigslist before dropping the coin! The surefooted hiker should be just fine with a baby or toddler up to 30 lbs in these style of packs (there’s no climbing or shimmying on this one). Good old running shoes will do the trick too. Any style with a little tread is perfect. Don’t break the bank to get outdoors, just wear something a little more than your average chuck taylor and you’ll be great! 

Our first hike with the whole family (toddler in tow) was a great practice run for the child carrier. We tested Torrey Pines, which is much shorter and really easy to navigate (if you have a squirmy little one). My advice for Iron Mountain: pack water, and a little snack (depending on kids and how long you want to hang/take pictures throughout the hike). Iron Mountain will be about 2 hours round trip if you keep moving, and a little more if you want to stop and smell the roses. 

Post hike hydration:

Pack up and head in to 2nd Chance Beer Co. brewery. The drive is quick to Carmel Valley and I love supporting new breweries in the area. #cheers


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