Love is in the Air

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Yes, I know, basically every season of the Bachelor has a helicopter ride and the girl has “never gone on one before” and she’s nearly in tears as she jumps aboard the aircraft on her romantic getaway…..only to find out a few weeks later that she’s *not the one. Yes, it’s sad, and yes, entertaining for all of us at home, but the producers of the Bachelor are really on to something: they know how to set up elaborate dates...ans good ones! Ever since I’ve been producing lifestyle segments for FOX 5 San Diego, I’ve become pretty good at producing these myself (makes it pretty hard for my hubby to surprise me too, hah!). Let’s dive right in to this fun excursion:

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Corporate Helicopters is based in Kearny Mesa, and they’ve been involved in several Hollywood productions, flown for years, and even taken some of the most high-profile people to Coachella. The newest part of their menu is flying you and 3 friends (enter double date here) to Temecula wine country to stroll, sip and enjoy the countryside. My hubby and I went with 2 work friends, and it was truly a fun afternoon. We boarded with a flute of champagne in hand, learned all the safety rules (of course) and then flew over the valleys and canyons of San Diego. It’s about 25 minutes to get you to Temecula. The company is partnering with new wineries all the time so check in with where you're destination will be when you book. The afternoon was full of wine and cheese (yes, please!). And I can't forget about our grand entrance...the helicopter landed on the big grass lawn outside of the winery with all of the guests watching wondering who was inside....we may have been a mild disappointment, but it was fun! (probably the closet I’ll ever to being a Kardashian). 

The wine was really tasty and they had an amazing variety of vino for our group. Oh, and did I mention, BIG pours! We took some great photos in the vineyard and it was absolutely beautiful on the patio. The best time to go is between February and August. After the grape harvest, the vines start to look a little dry and while the wine is still good, the pictures are not as pretty. The tasting lasted about an hour, and we all sat around milking our time for another hour before we headed back to San Diego. The flight is smooth, landing isn’t scary, and the views are breathtaking. Don’t forget to charge your phone for this one! It’s Instagram gold! 

One piece of advice: depending on your tolerance and how much you plan on tasting, you may want to plan an Uber or Lyft to the Corporate Helicopter's home base, and/or have someone else get you home safely. I’m always an advocate of setting yourself up for success and safety! Have fun and have someone else do the driving! Cheers!


Heather Lake