Boutique Hotels are my Main Squeeze

Palomar, Solamar, Pendry…to name a few. I love the idea of a swanky staycation to get reconnected, and for a North County girl all it takes is a quick train ride to downtown SD to feel like I’m in a different world. My favorite staycation date right now is at the Pendry hotel. My last overnight date was literally our last night alone before baby Lucy was born, and I’m so glad we went and got that full night of R & R. 


Here’s why I think Pendry is the most fool proof way to relax, indulge, and re-connect with your significant other:

For starters, Pendry is a boutique hotel with a variety of options for cocktail hour, spa time, pool time, and dining experiences. If you’re a busy couple (like most of us!), you don’t want to spend half of your night worrying about where to eat or where the best place is going to be to grab a cocktail (and be able to hear each other’s conversation). For me, the Pendry hotel was an easy one because they have 5th& Rose, for cocktails, Lionfish restaurant for dinner, and Provisional for Brunch. Let’s be honest, I was so prego when we last visited that I ended up ordering room service and going to sleep early, but I’ve experienced all of these options during other visits and they’re all *really good! Oh, and another summer staycation plus….the spa and pool area are gorgeous. 

If you can find time (and a sitter), I highly recommend these little getaways. It’s always been a perfect opportunity for me and my guy to have a full conversation, not worry about the house chores, and get a little a shut-eye. Say it with me, “recharge”. 

Heather Lake