Makes you wanna....Jump Jump!

jump pic.jpg

Newly opened (January 2018), The House of Air is ready for action in Carlsbad. The cool part: the owner used to work for the North Face and also helped pro skiers with their jumps/tricks before hitting the slopes (giant airbags for landing needed!). He took that momentum and idea, and turned it into a play house for kids (of all ages).

This is not your average trampoline gym. They have a rock wall, a free fall 30-foot jump into a giant stunt style air bag, American Gladiator style pugil sticks (yes like the old school padded jousting!), a slack line, a slam dunk arena, and dodge ball trampoline areas. The part that appealed to me, is their thought process. Yes, it’s new, and yes, it’s got *almost everything you need to play, but they also added a little jump zone for kids 6 and under. And… they’re continuing to think up of new ideas to add to the space (all based on the audience). In Carlsbad and North County San Diego, action sports is king, so the next endeavor is to add a stunt practice area, where pros and amateurs and come in and practice their skills before trying them outdoors. They already have a collection of strap-on, “snowboard/wakeboard style” boards test out on the trampolines, and they’ll be looking to add more in the future.

For now it’s the perfect place to let the kids get their energy out, or even plan a corporate party and get in the dodge ball arena with your co-workers (nothing could possibly go wrong, right?!)

Heather Lake