What is Bazooka Ball?

New, fun & a safe spot for the kids to play. They literally use all of the airsoft equipment you never want to buy for the kiddos, or have them using in the house (moms rejoice!).  The Glow Zone, is in Vista and they have more than a dozen different glow in the dark activities for the kids to enjoy.


Bumper cars, mini golf, a full overhead ropes course, and a ninja warrior course to name a few. While I was there, I learned about a new craze called “Bazooka Ball”. “What the heck could this possible be?”, I asked. “And please tell me it doesn’t include giant wods of pink bubble gum (because we all know it’s not a hair washing day!)”. To my relief, it’s simply I giant game of laser tag, sans lasers. You use a high-powered airsoft gun and instead of paint balls, the guns are loaded with nerf balls. You where a protective head piece to cover your eyes (similar to ones in a paint ball arena), and a shield that lights up when you’ve been hit. I am not a huge fan of being hit with a paint ball, so I was a little hesitant with this game, but none-the-less, I went in, got hit and realized it doesn’t hurt at all (phew!). The Bazooka Ball games are meant for 6 and older, as are a lot of the obstacles and games.

BUT…..yes, toddler moms there is a huge play place for the little ones too! They have an entire section of the building dedicated with slides and soft padded play areas for the littles to explore. Check out their online pricing, as sometimes it changes depending on what games you want to play, and how long you want to explore. I know my little one’s attention span only lasts so long, so instead of paying for a day pass, I would opt for a few hours in one area and call it. Totally up to you! But don’t forget, it’s completely lit with black lights inside (except the bathrooms), so either embrace your inner 80s rave, wear a fluorescent color (maybe even rock a side pony if you’re really vibing it), or only stay for a little bit if you think the lighting is going to be too much (aka enter migraine here). My review: I was there for about 3 hours, had a lot of fun and could imagine this being a perfect Birthday Party for my little guy when he’s about 6 or 7 years old.

Heather Lake