Dust off Your Cowgirl Boots

Trade your swimsuit in for a pair of cowboy boots for this adventure! The Ranch at Bandy Canyon is out in the deep east part of Escondido and feels like you’ve truly stepped out of San Diego and into an equestrian oasis. I won’t say “dude ranch” because it’s way to pretty for that, but maybe more like a little slice of country in the middle of our SoCal beachy city. I really liked this space not only for the open air, but they had so many different options to enjoy the day there. Horseback riding being the main event. No matter what age you are, there are daytime rides (like romantic trail rides), or complete equestrian camps for summer/winter breaks (for the kids).

bandy canyon pic.jpg

When you first drive up, a windy road takes you to a little parking lot and tha’st where you’ll find the barn and stables. Horses, ponies, and other farm animals are all right there and the cool part about this…..the kids can come visit the ranch and see the animals for a day trip, or if they’re part of the equestrian camp, they’ll get a full tutorial on caring and cleaning the animals (like total farm living!). I don’t mean this as punishment, but just thinking….this could be a good life lesson for your preteen: Yes, they have to learn how to clean out the horse stalls before getting to ride (you get the picture). On a more serious note, it’s all about teaching them responsibility and learning the animal before getting to ride (check and check).

The property

Complete with cabins, streams, ponds and fire pits. It truly can be a romantic staycation, or even the perfect wedding venue if you have some outa-towners that you want to all stay on the property (and if you really want to feel like a bridal princess they do the full horse drawn carriage entrance! Weeeeee!). They host retreats as well, and for most months out of the year the weather is perfect for a visit and afternoon ride. I recommend the cooler months because they tend to be more comfortable in the inland areas of San Diego. All in all, the ranch is beautiful, the little cottages are cozy, and this is truly a little glimmer of country livin’ in our SoCal town.

Heather Lake