Maternity leave Survival kit


It’s a very small list, and if I add to it I’ll post the additional items. I promise that I plan on looking like a very fresh faced, natural momma for the next few months, but I truly don’t want to feel like a slob. So, in order to make me feel like I’m “rested”, but not a bum, I’ve decided there would be 3 main pieces to my daily routine.

1. A stylish robe to cruise around the hospital and house in during those days you just want to cuddle with baby all day (yup, that's everyday!).

You could also choose to invest in some of the Pink Blush nursing clothes as well, but I have plenty of nursing tanks from my last pregnancy (thanks target!), that I’m just going to save the $$.

2. A cozy pair of house slippers. My favorite styles are from Toms, and they're great because they have rubber bottoms for cruising around on wood floors without slipping. 

I've ordered a few pairs from them and loved them every time. 

3. Invest in a few bottles of dry shampoo. Let's be're not gonna have a ton of time for long enjoyable showers with time to wash your hair everyday (and hairdressers tell you not to anyway!). I have a few favorites, but this one by Bumble and Bumble has my favorite scent.

It’s sold on amazon and at Sephora. I seriously live by this, and on maternity leave will most likely wash my hair once a week (don't judge). I’m obsessed with my hair right now and want to keep it as healthy and low maintenance as possible (and hopefully keep it postpartum!). Plus, if you know you’re not going to be getting in any super sweaty workouts in the next month, you can handle not washing the hair for a few days.

Honestly, everything else is for baby! Relax, hang out, try to rest as much as you can and continue to glow as a new momma!



Heather Lake