Postpartum hair don't care

Lots of women lose their hair post baby and it’s no surprise that we figure out ways to navigate it and get back to our glamorous selves. In my situation, the hair loss didn’t happen until nearly 3 months postpartum and it came very sudden. In one week I had more hair loss than I could have ever imagined and my beautiful pregnant locks were dry, brittle and so thin that no style would hold. 

My hair stylist is good, but she’s no magician. I wanted to go back to work and be on point. So I guess in a nutshell, I did care….and a lot! I was worried about my hair wouldn’t hold any style for my five and a half hour long morning show, and I was right. I came back to work for a week (hated my hair), and went to order extensions right away! I know, I know, it’s expensive, and now I’m high maintenance, right? Wrong! Let me give you the skinny on these extensions…..

I’m obsessed! I get them changed out every 4 months and they make my hair look amazing for a week without washing….sometimes even after the sweatiest workouts (I promise, a little dry shampoo goes a long way). They are called Keratin U-tip bonds, and they fuse on with a little heat. You want to make sure you get a very experienced stylist, because this is not the easiest application and they can ruin your hair if not put in properly. Another thing, you’re going to have to go easy on your hair and if you surf or put it up in a messy bun, there is going to be a lot of maintenance trying to get the tangles out (like hours & bottle of conditioner). I always tell people you need to bring a brush with you at all times, and have a leave in conditioner with you to keep your strands looking sleek. Another word to the wise- you’ll have a little head sensitivity in the first week, as the hair is settling. It’s basically holding onto a few of your strands of hair, so it will feel like it’s pulling a little bit in the beginning. Don’t do what I did and get new hair right before a snowboarding trip where you have to where a helmet (ouch!).  

To wrap it this all up, I basically loved them with my first baby post partum and will probably try them again. Right now, I took them out and I’m going natural until we see what happens postpartum this time around. My tresses have been doing pretty good so far, and I’m taking vitamins and collagen to hopefully take some preventative measures. Fingers crossed! But you know if it happens again, I’ll share the story and tell you what happens.

Heather Lake