Yes, I do my own Hair & Makeup

Whenever I tell someone what I do, they automatically ask 3 consecutive questions:

  1. What time do you get up?  A: 3am

  2. What time do you go to bed?  A: too late (9pm)

  3. Do people do your hair and makeup when you get to work?  A: nope, I do it all…and in 30 minutes!


work prep pic.jpg

Yes, I’ve had a few (okay one) consultation to help make sure I have the right shades and colors for the lighting and set, but honestly it’s up to me, myself and I to “look the part”. Did I mention that we (me and my female colleagues) are doing all of this at 3:30am for a show that starts at 4:30am? The first time I tried to glue on false lashes I thought I was going to poke my eyes out! Oh, and did I mention, we pay for all of our own makeup and wardrobe (don’t even get me started….). And if we look a little tired, or a hair is out of place, that’s the one time the big boss lets us know. I know, I know, I’m complaining, but let me give you the bright side to all of this: I’ve learned how to get ready as quick as any guy (almost), my husband thinks it’s one of my favorite skills (he should), and once you’ve figured out your morning routine it becomes a bit therapeutic to have some “alone” time before the day starts really buzzing.


So there I stand in an old crusty bathroom every morning watching some sort of news (I switch between networks occasionally just to feel it out and of course see what everyone’s products look like), trimming false lashes, trying my hardest to figure out contouring and making sure my eyes look more “open” then they should in the middle of the night. Now that I’ve spent more than a decade in the TV news biz, I’ve come to conclusion that getting my makeup done will be a novelty left for weddings, and special photographs. What I do on a daily basis is always evolving, the products I use are always changing, and my fingers are always crossed that it all turns out okay in time for the camera light to turn on. #thatgirlonthego


Heather Lake