Is coffee my mojo?

How much coffee do I drink?

what's my weekend potion? Zumbar's small almond milk latte

what's my weekend potion? Zumbar's small almond milk latte

You may call BS on me, but seriously I only have one tall coffee everyday. If I have an occasional meeting or brunch with the girls, I may have a half a cup or a half-caf latte in the afternoon (but those are the novelties).  

Since becoming a mom, I don’t get as many (much needed) naps as I once had. My old (pre-kid) schedule would include: Work at 3:30am, leave work with an extra cup of coffee around noon, go into a workout, go home for a nap, get back to emails/producing my TV segments, then plan meals/shop/family/social time. Now it’s a little more hectic, and I try to fit in all of the above while juggling 2 kids (don’t worry, I don’t do it all alone). So now when I go to bed at night…..well, let’s just say it’s like a toddler at Disneyland in a stroller at the end of the day….I crash! Like the drool-on-the-pillow style crash. 

So why don’t I drink more coffee? The less coffee thing started with my first baby when I went cold turkey during pregnancy. Coffee tasted so horrible to me during the first trimester so I just gave it up entirely. After baby came, I added the one cup back in, and I felt like I could conquer the world! Every once in a while (when I need a little reset), I’ll take 2 days off of coffee, and it helps to keep the caffeine fix to a minimum while still feeling the effects. I really love the feeling of getting a little energy first thing in the morning and then keeping an even keel for the rest of the day. I started to find that if I ever added an extra cup, I would start crashing way too early (around 4pm), and if I drank water instead of coffee, I would feel much better, and be less irritable around that oh, so glamorous “witching hour”. 

I highly recommend giving it a try, at least for one full work week and seeing how it goes (do 8-10 oz and no sugar). I can’t promise this works all the time (because we all know there are “those weeks” that require more love than others), but I will say that this practice has helped me feel less “crashing” effects of caffeine. And yes, I know there are other natural energy sources, but I love the smell of coffee, and I just can’t so no to it altogether. Getting up at 3:30am takes a special strength, and I like to say that my one cup is like my warm blanket in a cold house…..and I’m not taking it off!

Heather Lake