Opening Day Survival Guide


I’ll be the first to say that I try in every way, shape and form to save money on the many summer events in San Diego. From Opening Day to Comic-Con, I could end up spending a fortune for the all of the outfits involved. My biggest piece of advice is to dress swap with a friend for this occasion or find a banging dress that you know you’ll wear again. Solid colors are always a win, and pick a piece that is timeless. The past two years I’ve experimented with Rent the Runway and really liked that process. It’s easy on the wallet and I can wear it once and give it back. The most difficult part for me this year is finding the right under garments to go with the continuing puzzle of necklines and form fitting dresses. This one I haven’t mastered (but I will by the time I go on air this week for the races. Hopefully.). 


Next, is all about the perfect summer glow. One of my favorite ways to prep my skin before a big event is with a hydrafacial. It clears your pours and gets rid of all of the surface gunk….in other words, it’s cleaning the canvas. I go to Nowak Aesthetics for all of my facials and get all of my moisturizers there too. (Vitamin C to the rescue!). Dr. Nowak has been in practice for over 20 years, and is a board certified dermatologist. Tip ladies: don’t trust your face with just anyone…do your homework! After the facial, I’ll wait a few days and then get an organic spray tan. I get a custom tan at Four Moons spa so that way I look even and not orange. (breast feeding mamas make sure to cover your boobies so your baby doesn’t get any on them- I use stickie circle shaped covers that I got from Target for $12). Wait 4 hours before showering, and then you’re all set! As for makeup, do your usual routine, but make sure to add your favorite false lashes and pack your setting powder in your purse. You’re going to need it for touch-ups throughout this humid day. Trust me, having a “glow” and “melting” are two very different things. 

My last piece of advice, wear wedges! I don’t always follow my own advice here, but if you want to save your feet this is going to be huge! You’re up and walking around for 4/5 hours and if you want to make it to an after party without crawling there, this is going to save those dogs from barking. Or, you could always drink enough mint juleps and champagne that you don’t feel your feet anymore, but I don’t recommend it! Enjoy the day, and win some money honey!



Heather Lake